June 28, 2020
6 months and 21 days left
until our celebration.
"Get Ready! Get Set! Let's Go!"
The countdown has begun to the 2020 CURRIE family reunion starting Sunday June 28th, 2020 to Saturday July 4th, 2020 to be held in Duncans, Trelawny. Our first order of business is getting ready.


Now is the time to look at what you need to have in place in order to attend the reunion. 
  1. Check out airlines now that fly to Jamaica.  If you or family members reside overseas, this is the time to get an estimate of airfare cost for this time next year.
  2. Check out the TRAVELERS page to the left for recommended accommodations that are in Duncan's Trelawny including SilverSands estate which are in immediate proximity.  They are all independent businesses that operate on a first come first served policy.  Accommodations can fill up fast and there is no gaurantee a space will be available.
  3. The TICKETS page to your left is also up and running. It's never too early to get your tickets
    1. You can also pay for your tickets in installments. There are four installment periods left.  The next installment will begin in August.  Reach out to me on the CONTACT US page if you want to participate in the installment.
    2. There is also a group discount if there are 4 or more people in your group.  Use the CONTACT US page to take advantage of the group discount.
    3. If you reside in Jamaica and plan to attend use the CONTACT US page also.
You can confirm who's thinking of or already planning to come by updating the RSVP page. Once you RSVP that you are attending, your name will automatically pop up on the WHO'S COMING page as well. Please remember to add each family member that will also join. As the time gets closer, there will be events added to the RSVP page that you can sign up for.

The Currie family tree is expanding as more family participates. If you want to add your information to the tree please reach out to me and I'll be happy to accommodate.

I will be posting frequently in the poll page to get a sense of where the planning needs fine tuning. The floor is also open for topics of discussion or questions on the message board. P
lease feel free to post. Finally I am just a click away on the CONTACT US page.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!

P.S. Please pass this on
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